Chakra Balancing Yogi Bead Bracelets - Dark Wood

$14.00 $11.00
Chakras are centers of energy which regulate bodily functions, as well as emotions. The term chakra means "wheel", as in a spinning center of energy. It is important to keep all chakras opened and balanced, to allow a harmonious flow of life energy.

Each bracelet is a very sturdy handmade item. We create all of our jewelry pieces with love and care, and each and every piece is smudged with sage to clear and prepare it especially for you before shipping!

Material: 8mm bead each of 1st/ garnet, 2nd/carnelian, 3rd/citrine, 4th/green aventurine, 5th/lapis lazuli, 6th/blue gold stone, 7th/amethyst. Wood beads and .8mm stretch string.

Primary color: Dark Wood

Unisex: medium (woman)  or large (mens)

Ships: Worldwide from the USA
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